I received the following account in November 2015. Was it Bigfoot? Possibly another bi-pedal or upright canine canine sighting in Pennsylvania? Michaux State Forest has a lot of unexplained activity. Hello Lon,  “Just came across your site and listened to the Arcane Radio episode about the need for people to submit info for your investigations. […]

Does the Mormon Church consider Bigfoot to be the embodiment of the Biblical character Cain? Is this LDS doctrine? I’d like your opinions. The following narrative was forwarded to me recently: “I’ll preface this by stating I’m not LDS, Christian or religious by any means. These beliefs don’t apply to me, but I also don’t […]

4 reports of possible ‘feral humans’ sighted or encountered in Appalachia Kentucky. Some people believe that these may possibly be Bigfoot incidents, though yet undetermined. The following police reports were found: Mason County, Kentucky, west of Maysville on U.S. 68 – November 1980: Mr. Noble Clay, an Alabama truck driver was hauling steel, west on […]

A West Texas patrol officer describes a harrowing encounter with a Bigfoot while in a specific part of the county. Another officer encountered a Bigfoot in the same area one year later. I recently came across the following account: “As a cop I spend a lot of time dealing with things that scare people. Things […]

I received the following communication from a reader in January 2015, who will remain anonymous. Some of the information has been redacted as well, but the main context is intact: I was listening to the Bigfoot episode of Arcane Radio about government encounters with Sasquatch. When I was in high school, I had a teacher […]

A group known as the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization received a report in early July from an individual named ‘Eddie,’ who claimed that their cousin spotted the creature while “kayaking on the Cass River in Michigan.” I initially thought that this may have been a female Bigfoot with a deer slung over the left shoulder. […]

A pair of bow hunters encounter a Sasquatch chasing deer in the Florida Panhandle. The creature would alternate between crawling and running upright. Strange report. Kevin Saunders and friend started bow hunting in 1984. They hunted in the Florida Panhandle and would stay at the same hunting camp in Florida: “I had several experiences throughout […]

Katie G, a nurse, claims that she had just left for work at around 5:00 AM. It was November 2, 2020. This hour-long commute took her down Highway 18 through the upper part of Cleveland County and through small portions of Lincoln County and then Burke County of North Carolina. “About four miles north of […]

Several first-hand Bigfoot sighting and encounter accounts from different locations in British Columbia, Florida, West Virginia, Arkansas and Missouri. I recently received these accounts: “I’m from Chilliwack, British Columbia and grew up spending a lot of my summer at Hicks Lake and the surrounding area. A friend and I saw something on the far side […]

A woman in southern Indiana describes several incidents involving Bigfoot & Dogman cryptids that suddenly appear and disappear. The events were observed by several witnesses. The following account were transcribed from a January 2021 podcast: August 2014 and June 2020 (two major events) – Indiana – “Candace, a nurse, residing in Indiana (location not specified, […]

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