A teen describes a strange encounter with a pale emaciated humanoid while staying in a cabin with his family near Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. The following was recently forwarded to me: “Back in 2017, I went on a family vacation to Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. We were staying in a raised cabin. A golf course was behind […]

An Arkansas man encounters a wolf-like upright canine while driving on I-165 late at night. He was in the vicinity of Stuttgart. I recently the following account: “This is my encounter of what I believe to be a dogman. This happened in July. I was working at a very big factory in Stuttgart, Arkansas in […]

A witness in Little Rock, Arkansas describes her encounters with winged humanoids and cryptid. She believes that it may be the reason for her bad luck in the past. I received the following information on October 11, 2020: “I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am so glad I found your website. I found it […]

3 separate frightening encounters with human-like beings on Sugarloaf Mountain, Arkansas, New York’s Adirondacks and in Rossville, Illinois. “Years ago, while hiking with my girlfriend in a very isolated area on Sugarloaf Mountain, Arkansas, we discovered we were being stalked. It was late in the day, not dark yet, but getting there. We were on […]

A delivery driver encounters, what he describes as, a 7 ft. foul-smelling antlered ‘deer man’ on a dark rural road in Northeast Arkansas I recently came across the following account: “This happened to me in January 2014, on a back road in Northeast Arkansas. At the time I was a newspaper delivery driver. I picked […]

A legend about a local boy who tortured neighborhood dogs, then later imprisoned and tormented human victims, has actually been found to be true Once thought to be an urban legend, research into the archives of local newspapers and tracking down a few local residents revealed that the ‘Dog Boy’ of Quitman, Arkansas actually existed. […]

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