On October 26, 2020 a man hunting alone outside of Artesia, AZ discovered the body of a teenage girl in a “float box” meant to deliver water to livestock on a ranch. The girls’ partially submerged body was dressed in a “witch’s gown” which looks more like a grim reaper or “Ghostface” costume from Scream. […]

A Navajo husband and wife sense that a Skinwalker has taken control their property. They ask a Medicine man and his assistants to intervene. The account then turns dark and foreboding. I recently came across the following account: “The stories of Navajo Medicine Man or Shamans having encounters or altercations with Skinwalkers, is one not […]

A man is walking his dog in a small town near Tucson, Arizona when he approaches a strange person ahead of him. It turns out to be a deformed humanoid that, after chasing the witness, suddenly vanishes. I came across a scary post from last evening: “I don’t know what to say. I’m not really […]

A security guard describes a strange incident that occurred at the apartment complex he patrolled. It involved possible Skinwalker (Yee Naaldlooshii) ritual and native Navajo witch magic. I recently found the following post on social media: “I’m 37 (36 at the time of this encounter) and have always been interested in the paranormal. I’ve had […]

2 Navajo sisters in rural Arizona both observed a flying humanoid near their home. The being had tentacles and flew through the air like it was moving in water. The following account was recently posted on a social thread: “My sister and I saw the same humanoid a few moths apart. First sighting July 2019: […]

A couple, living in southern Apache County, Arizona encounter a 18-inch humanoid (El Duende) with clothes and a red pointed cap that ran across the road in front of their vehicle. I recently received the following inquiry: “My wife and I are both college-educated professionals. Other than this one time that I’m about to describe, […]

3 upright canine witness accounts from the Phoenix, Arizona area. Are you familiar with similar accounts in your region? If so, contact me. The following accounts were received by me over the years: Four teenagers walked onto the Shalimar Golf Course under the cover of darkness in summer 2012. The course is in a highly […]

  A man was vacationing in Arizona, in a town near the Navajo reservation. One night, he and friends encounter a terrifying canine cryptid. Was it a skinwalker, or something else? Here is another account from an older database: “While on vacation in Arizona in 2013 I was visiting family who live on the edge […]

A group of friends and relatives make their way to the Navajo reservation from Southern California to explore the area. One night they encounter a series of strange incidents that they believe were skinwalker related. I’ve been going back into my archives and pulling out older accounts that I had not posted. Several of the […]

A strange encounter, at a residence on the Navajo Nation reservation in Arizona, seems to be related to a Skinwalker. It had taken the form of a disheveled young white woman who entered the dwelling. I recently found the following account is one of my old Jc Johnson databases: “This story happened to my friend’s […]

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