A teen was walking along the road near their house when they noticed a huge pale emaciated  humanoid watching them from the woods. What could this be? The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I want to describe an encounter with ‘something.’ I’m not quite sure what it was. I had gotten into an […]

A couple are exploring the woods at night, near Grant, Alabama, when they realize that they are being followed. On their way back to the house, a floating skull with bright white eyes appears. The following account was recently referred to me:“The date is August 9, 2020. I recently started dating this girl I meet […]

4 friends are driving along an old road at night near Bay Minette in Baldwin County, Alabama when they encounter a large pale quadruped humanoid standing in the middle of the road. A reader referred me to the following account. I contacted the witness to confirm the incident: “This incident took place in lower Alabama […]

A few friends in north Alabama are exploring a dirt road and trying to catch fish in a small pond at night. When they were ready to leave, a Bigfoot leaps off an adjacent ledge and lands in the bed of the pickup. I recently received the following information: “Lon, I’m getting some real good […]

A reader in north Alabama describes his encounters with several different Bigfoot over his lifetime. Apparently, he has more incidents to tell me. I look forward to it. I recently received the following account: “Hey Lon. I have lived in north Alabama my entire life. My family told me their stories when I was a […]

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