An alien encounter experiencer describes their ordeal in stark detail, and later adding more thoughts as to what occurred and how their life progressed afterwards. The following is an ongoing narrative in which the experiencer details their encounters: “I do not remember what happened prior. All I remember was waking up “mid abduction.” Imagine that […]

An elderly Piedmont, Missouri woman describes the alien ‘Grey’ activity that has continued on her family’s farm since the 1850’s, including abduction. The following account has been circulating for several years. This version is somewhat different that others I have read: “I am currently 96 years old, but my memory is still intact and sharp. […]

A couple in Cumming, Georgia experience a close encounter with unknown beings while in the bedroom. Afterward, they notice puncture marks and bruises on each of their bodies. The following account was recently forwarded to me: Back on June 18, 2019 my friend and I, while at my house in Cumming, Georgia, experienced an alien […]

A Midland, Michigan woman has an encounter with MIB after she observe them forcing a girl into their car. The witness was abducted and taken to various locations. Bizarre account, all around. The following account was posted on the MUFON CMS: Midland, Michigan 1975-06-01 12:15PM: I was standing behind my screen door in the front […]

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