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A Desoto, Texas resident recalls seeing a Reptilian being and a disk-shaped craft in a field one afternoon. There had been previous cattle abductions and mutilations reported in the same location. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I was driving along Bonnie View Road in Desoto, Texas at around 1PM local time. The […]

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The witness states that her and her boyfriend observed several strange anomalies in the Los Angeles sky, including a pterosaur-like creature with feathers. Los Angeles, California January 10, 2014 9 PM Local Time: I was at my boyfriend’s apartment. We were leaving his apartment and walked to my parked car that was in the alley […]

If you like this post message me to join the private mastermind group. Follow r/Crimsonpill 'The first step is to give yourself permission to do something GREAT. People fear the responsability that comes doing what you like. People don't realize that if they fail they can start again from where they left off as opposed […]

I want to take a break/leave my life for about 6 months at least, I’m currently in college but im more and more realizing that this isn’t for me, since I already changed my major once. I recently turned 23 and am nowhere near to finishing college and rather close to having a burn out. […]

This glowing ring-shaped UFO formation was filmed in the sky above Fargo in North Dakota on 9th January 2021. Witness report: Saw when I finished […]

Every conversation about a woman who is abused ends up the same way. Why doesn’t she leave? Did she communicate with the guy and specifically tell him she does not want to be abused? Men aren’t mind-readers you know! Even worse is that because porn is normalized and the majority of porn features a man […]

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