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This strange UFO video was filmed back in 2017 (July 23) but it was just today submitted to MUFON’s website. FIlmed over South Bend, a […]

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Does ‘Indrid Cold’ still exist? Was a recent ‘Mothman’ encounter in Hartwick, New York connected to the incidents in Point Pleasant & Parkersburg, WV in 1966-67? A friend and associate investigator, Gabriel L. from NYC (who is also a haunting experiencer and intuitive), forwarded the following report on 4/10/2021: I had been contacted by Jessica […]

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As a man who used to procrastinate a lot. I mean, I kinda still do now, but not the extent that I did back then. If I know that it's something important, I do it right away. I had to learn a hard lesson because I did something super last minute that nearly cost me […]

CIA director under Bill Clinton is now the third former government official to suggest that UFOs are real, after saying an aircraft of a respected […]

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