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Join us as host Alejandro Rojas discusses the latest UFO news. Items discussed: Object that whizzed by Earth probably came from alien world, Harvard professor asserts (CBS News) The Proof is Out There interview (Den of Geek) Deadline Looms for Pentagon UFO Report(Mystery Wire) Lue Elizondo Speaks to George Knapp about TTSA (Silva Record) Strategic […]

Desert Center, California: Epicenter of Flying Saucer Reports – Part I By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, II, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray” Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure The Vast Venus Conspiracy Lady Columba Venus Revelations Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” is […] submitted by /u/FrozenCheekSlayer [link] [comments]

I received the following account back in 2013 and have made references to it on previous occasions. Please read and help me with possible follow-up information. These incidents occurred in suburban Sarasota, Florida: The other story I want to tell you was a series of incidents with my siblings and I. As I said before […]

A secret journal offers new clues about the nature of the alleged 1947 AD UFO crash at Roswell in the New Mexico desert, or does it? Before we kick off, this isn’t one of these Reddit stories that emerged from some basement decorated with posters of the Starship Enterprise and Chewbacca. Quite the opposite. Live […]

An experiencer recalls a series of bizarre encounters while visiting Navarre Beach, Florida with other families in 1977. Was this a MIB encounter, followed by an abduction?  The following account was forwarded to me. I believe it may have originally been a submitted report: “During my spring break of 1977 my family and three other […]

If you like this post follow me on r/Crimsonpill or message me to join the private mastermind group. I wanted to share this since I see way too many negative and pessimistic people out there. Truth to be told is that most people are following a self-fulling prophesy. Their lives are filled with bad karma […]

When the first sight of intelligent alien life visits Earth from space, it won’t be a massive saucer hovering over New York. The chair of […]

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