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UFO activity filmed over Aurora, Colorado on 20th January 2021. Witness report: Saw 3 lights that looked like stars but brighter and bigger. I was […]

The murder of Kristin Smart is one of those true crime cases where everyone basically “knows” what happened, though the case officially remains unsolved. 25 years ago as a student at California Polytechnic State University Kristin attended a birthday party for a friend on memorial day weekend. At 2am, two students who attended the party […]

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1. Finding cool rocks. No joke. You get to walk around, see cool things, breathe fresh air, and get a geology lesson bonus. 2. Radio astronomy. Receiving a signal that was made when the star that the calcium our bones comes from was still a billion years away from going supernova puts things in perspective. […]

A couple experience a Bigfoot attack while in their car on a mountain in south Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I have learned that the location is well-known for Bigfoot activity. I recently received the following account: “I experienced a strange incident in north central Pennsylvania. It will never be forgotten. Just thinking about this story still makes […]

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UFO experts confirm the origins of strange objects captured on camera by NASA during a 1996 mission in Puerto Rico, in this clip from Season […]

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