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A US Navy destroyer caught a bizarre night-vision video of mysterious flashing UFOs above it and another warship, the Pentagon admitted. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task […]

5 friends were in the car, just sitting and talking when the pair in the front ‘sense’ a white being circling the SUV. Later a tall horse-headed humanoid rush towards them from behind. Strange account. I recently came across the following account: “Looking for an explanation as to what this may have been. About 2 […]

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A witness describes an encounter with 4 ‘Men in Black’ that came to their house the night after a large group of UFOs were seen and reported to the nearby USAF base. I recently came across the following account: “I’ve always been pretty skeptical of things, but I do believe the ‘Men in Black’ if […]

Dad the panopticon “My brother and I were constantly monitored this way by our dad. We didn’t find the recording device, he actually sat us down and played the recording for us where we talked about secretly visiting our mother who we were forbidden from seeing for no other reason than her leaving. He also […]

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“Nature decrees that we do not exceed the speed of light. All other impossibilities are optional.” -Robert Brault One of the most remarkable discoveries of the 20th Century came from studying the great spiral nebulae littered throughout the night sky. Image credit: Ken Crawfordat Rancho Del Sol Observatory, via RC Optical Systems at It was quickly […]

Is that a EWE.F.O? Mystery as hundreds of sheep stand in circle in field as social media users say it looks just like alien ship Christopher Hogg, 47, from Rottingdean, East Sussex, spotted the sheep in field in concentric circles Father-of-one shared photos of unusual occurence to Facebook, with many saying it looked like an ‘alien […]

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Aries You act completely unbothered in front of others — but you replay the moment again and again in private, and hate yourself for it. Taurus You are absolutely terrified of being seen as awkward. It’s why you avoid so many social situations and keep your distance from crowds. Gemini You’re not great at reading […]

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