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Daytime UFO sighting filmed in the sky above Saint Petersburg, Russia. This happened on 2nd August 2020. Witness report: Black S-shaped UFO flew above my […]

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A LARGE marine monitoring system has disappeared without a trace from the sea off the coast of Germany. Researchers are claiming the Boknis Eck marine observatory has been “forcibly removed” after it suddenly stopped sending transmissions and divers discovered it was gone. All that’s left is this cableResearch Dive Center of the CAU All that’s […]

Some kind of a shape-shifting object was seen and recorded hovering over Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada on 29th July 2020. What do you think […]

Bill Birnes, host of one of the History Channels most SUCCESSFUL and CREATIVE Alien Research shows had his show RIPPED out from underneath him at […]

Your instinct might be to protect your heart and keep your guard high, but you can’t stay closed off forever. Once you let someone into your world, once you make a commitment to them, you can’t keep dodging conversations and keeping secrets. You’re allowed to move at your own pace, but you need to slowly […]

In middle/high school I was a fat kid with low self esteem. While I had opportunities with women in both middle and high school my self worth was really low. I was not content the way I was. I would sometimes cry and talk negatively about myself in my own head. Was I unpopular at […]

Raining UFOs7 Jun. 2019 A former U.S. Navy radar operator emerges from the shadows to reveal the terrifying day it rained UFOs. For the first […]

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1. The only other penises I’ve seen were porn stars’, so I have no idea if mine is big or small. 2. I’m the definition of ‘grower, not a shower’. It’s a great dick when I’m hard, good size and curved just the right way, but it’s so damn small when in flaccid to the […]

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