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This really fast daytime UFO sighting happened over Albany, New York on 10th August 2020. Witness report: I was sitting on my front steps when […]

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Progress is not just steady forward movement. It’s also the willingness to slow down, take stock, ground, uproot, shift, change, and move forward in a way that’s actually in alignment with who we really are. A thousand steps forward mean nothing if they’re all in the wrong direction. Here are 8 ways to measure how […]

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  A father and son have learned to live peacefully and to coexist with the local Bigfoot family group in Grays Harbor County, Washington. The following account was included with another Bigfoot report I received several years ago: “Thought I’d share what we have learned. I can’t use my name as we wish to protect […]

Don Schmitt has been one of the primary investigators of the alleged crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He and his colleagues have tracked down hundreds of witnesses who claim to have information about what happened. When putting together the Roswell UFO crash issue of Open Minds Magazine in 2011, we […]

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Join us as host Alejandro Rojas discusses the UFO news of the week with a guest. This week’s guest: Karen Brard. Find out more info and register for the UFO Congress at: Articles covered in this episode: Interview with Col. Aerial Sánchez of the Uruguayan Air Force UFO Commission CRIDOVNI Alleged UFO Crashes in the […]

NUTTY conspiracy theorists claim they’ve found a capsized boat on Google Earth roughly 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica. The 400ft-long (121m) object bears a striking resemblance to a cruiseliner with what appear to be chimneys and a line of windows. youtube/MrMBBB333 A strange ‘ice ship’ has been spotted on Google Earth by eagle-eyed […]

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