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These two crop circle were found in Wiltshire, United Kingdom on 28th and 30 May 2020. Check the video below for more images!

These three videos of unidentified flying objects were filmed in during SpaceX launch on 30th May 2020 when a rocket ship built by Elon Musk’s […]

3 different encounters with tall pale humanoids by separate witnesses in Maryland, New York and Belarus.“This event took place over a year ago, but I hadn’t really thought to post about it until now. I don’t want to dox myself, but I live in Maryland, and I was with my now ex-girlfriend at her house. […]

A hunter in rural Georgia encounter an unknown biped hairy creature that dropped all four and charged the eyewitness. Was this a Bigfoot…or something else?I recently found the following account: “I come from a family of hunters. It was not uncommon for my mom and stepdad to go out early morning and not come home […]

These two orbs were seen and recorded flying across the sky above Frankfort in New York. Witness said there was strange sound coming from the […]

A man and his younger cousin take a hike in the north part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan when they encounter what they believe was a Bigfoot. I haven’t really talked about this much because when I do I get made fun of. People laugh and then they think of me differently. I work […]

2 haunting encounters by experiencers in Indiana and Texas. Always learn the history of a house before you move in! “In 2003 I bought and moved in to a new to me house in Floyd’s Knob, Indiana. It was a neat little Cape Cod and perfect as a bachelor pad. Soon after moving in, I […]

This triangle-shaped craft was filmed in the night sky above Lemoore, California back in June 2019. What do you think about this footage? Witness report: […]

A young man and his uncle encounter a tall boney humanoid that was harassing the livestock in the barn. This occurred in a rural area of northern Utah I recently found the following account: “It was mid May several years ago, when my family took a trip down to my uncle’s farm, in Utah, not […]

A native forest ranger in the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico shoots at a Bigfoot while with his family. The Bigfoot stalked him continuously afterwards. I recently found the following account: “This happened to my dad’s family when he was a kid. I’m not too sure how old he was or the exact date this happened. […]

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