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The following is an update on ‘Owlman’ Twice Encountered in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania from Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research member Ryan Fusco: Investigation for Owl Man sighting September 16th 10 a.m.: Arriving at our witnesses location we found out right away that this man was very intelligent, and as you’ll soon find out credible as […]

I recently came across the following account: About 10 years ago my ex-husband and I were visiting friends and the guys left to go rent some movies from a local video store. We live in small town surrounded by other small neighboring towns in western Kentucky. Lots of wooded areas and lots of country roads, […]

UFO-HUNTERS say they’ve found signs of an alien invasion in Google Earth snaps of Antarctica. The conspiracy nuts reckon they’ve found a grimacing face carved into the ice at a remote region in the southeast of the island. Notorious Instagram account ufo_scandinavia uploaded strange footage last week showing the bizarre anomaly. It shows a man zooming in […]

We meet the “old man on the mountain” who sounds like a most unpleasant fellow, we hear stories of UFOs, Bigfoot and more on this edition of the Campfire! –AROUND THE CAMPFIRE T-SHIRTS– Check out our Around The Campfire T-shirts at Original Post

The Roswell coverup was real according to Donald R. Schmitt. He makes the case on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast. In part two, Ellen Tadd joins us to discuss The Infinite View, what she calls a guidebook for life on earth. You can find Donald and Ellen’s books on Amazon: Cover-Up at Roswell: Exposing […]

A ghost named Rosie, graveyard creepiness, a UFO and much more on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast. –MYSTERIES CRUISE– Join Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Micah Hanks and me on a cruise this November! To join us on board for the paranormal fun go to Take advantage of the Mysteries Cruise Summer Sale now thru July 27th. […]

Zecharia Sitchin has dedicated his career to examining the mysterious alien race known as the Anunnaki who many people believe were responsible for the creation of humanity and the progression of human civilisation throughout the generations. While this is often considered to be a ‘fringe’ theory, it has many influential adherents and some people now […]

July 15, 2017 By Jim Harold Shaun Atwood went bad and paid with his freedom. He tells us what it was like inside one of Arizona’s deadliest jails. You can find his book at Hard Time: New Edition Thanks Shaun! Filed Under: Crime Scene, Slider Tagged With: crime podcast, Crime Scene, Jim Harold, Jim […]

Some nice listeners have been modeling their AROUND THE CAMPFIRE t-shirts. We have an official photo contest thread over at Add your picture to the offical thread over there with your AROUND THE CAMPFIRE SHIRT and be entered. At the end of July, we’ll pick a winner and the winner will get a $30 […]

Marie D. Jones tells how we can put the power of archetypes to work in our life. In part two, James Schwartz talks to us about how he has sought, and he says, found the answers to many of life’s deepest questions via something he calls alchemical hypnotism. You can find Marie and James’ books […]

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