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You know you wanna check it out. And we’re giving all users a 100% FREE membership when you verify your profile. You can’t beat it. Lots of things to do on the site from speed dating, to just hanging out in the forums and groups. Come check us out… DON’T FORGET — FREE MEMBERSHIP when […]

On January 18, 1978 – Fort Dix/McGuire AFB, New Jersey – The primary eyewitness in the case, Jeffrey Morse, alleged that he had been working as a security policeman at McGuire AFB when he was notified about UFO activity over Fort Dix Army base. Morse alleged that he heard that a non-human entity had been […]

For the second week in a row, a Ouija story headlines the show plus much more strangeness! Click Play Button OR Listen On Your Fave App By Clicking Its NameAPPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS – PANDORA MOBILE – iHEARTRADIO – STITCHER –CAMPFIRE LIVE– Join me at CAMPFIRE LIVE in Nashville. General admissions are only $20 (plus fees & taxes) AND MORE VIP TICKETS […]

You can catch the sky show, too, if you’re willing to rise before the sun. Even the bright lights of New York City couldn’t swamp this celestial spectacle. Alexander Krivenyshev of photographed a gorgeous predawn sky show Thursday morning (Feb. 20), capturing the crescent moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the red star Antares arcing over […]

Have you ever noticed that the busiest people are often also extremely happy? I’m not taking about people who run around complaining that they’ve got too much to do. Rather, there are highly functional people who juggle several projects at the same time, run a successful business or three, travel around the world and also […]

This is an old UFO footage recorded on 3rd August 2018 but it was just now submitted to MUFON. This happened in Denia, Spain. Witness […]

Small T-Rex cryptids have been reported in south Texas in the past. These particular accounts, each forwarded by the witnesses to me, best describe the phenomenon. What do you think is going on? A few weeks ago on Arcane Radio, Ken Gerhard and I were discussing the ‘small T-Rex’ phenomenon reported in south Texas. I […]

BOXING legend Muhammad Ali was an avid UFO believer who claimed to have had several encounters with the mystery visitors from other worlds. UFO expert and author Timothy Green Beckley had several encounters with the icon up to the early 1990s, because of his passion for the subject of aliens. Ali even claimed to have […]

Most of us regret that there is no romance left in their love life. In case your love partner is quarreling a lot, and you find yourself in a situation where you seem puzzled about your relationship, then it is a good time for you to cast an angelic love spells on your partner this […]

A series of events leads to an encounter with an unknown humanoid at the witness’ home. Was it a ‘Rake?’ Or possibly a ‘Wendigo?’ The lack of aggression seems to suggest neither. Read the account for yourself. An experience from the the past and something that happened tonight that scared the sh*t out of me. […]

From a homemade Ouija board to an incredible time slip story there are some fantastic stories on this week’s Campfire!  Click Play Button OR Listen On Your Fave App By Clicking Its NameAPPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS – PANDORA MOBILE – iHEARTRADIO – STITCHER Enjoy, tell your friends and make sure you hit subscribe or follow in your favorite podcast app! –CAMPFIRE LIVE– […]

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