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CLAIMED sightings of UFOs reported to the RAF by terrified members of the British public are to be published online for the first time. The RAF ran a UFO unit for five decades but chose to shut it down in 2009 after it concluded none of the reports sent in offered evidence of a potential […]

Locals say the ranch has been plagued by strange creatures and cattle mutilations. It’s also been used for government UFO research. So what’s really happening there? The long red mesas of Utah’s Uintah Basin greet us as my driver, an American real estate mogul and tech investor, pulls us into Fort Duchesne. Looking out my […]

New footage of a bright unidentified flying object or orbs in the sky above Colorado town. This was filmed on 23rd June 2019 and just […]

Late last month, an Ohio University entomologist claimed that there are fossilized and living insects on Mars. The university went so far as to write a press release about his findings, which has since been deleted. What is it hiding? Dr. William Romoser, an entomologist and professor emeritus at Ohio University, presented a research poster at the […]

If aliens exist, eventually we’ll know about it. How will we find out? What will they want? These are the kinds of questions that spark our imaginations every single day. Could the revelation possibly come in the form of a documentary? If the language being used to promote The Phenomenon is right, maybe it will. Directed by James Fox and narrated […]

My encounter happened on the second Saturday of November of 2010 in central Texas. Let’s just say I don’t hunt anymore. I worked late Friday which put me up later Saturday than planned. So I decided on a late day hunt. I figured I’d go out around 3 pm and sit in the pop-up ground […]

An unidentified object from outer space has been spotted shooting across the Los Angeles night sky on Wednesday and residents have been sharing footage of the bright light on social media. Several locals reported seeing the blazing trail, claiming it was either a meteor, a fireball, or a “crazy looking shooting star.” [embedded content] The […]

James Fox is a longtime filmmaker who has created several excellent documentary treatments of the UFO subject. Now, he is about to release his latest […]

What If You Could Actually Change Your Reality With Money? Money. Eeeeek!! Does the word alone stress you out? What if you could change that all right now my friend? No matter how much (or how little) you have in your bank account, there are potent tools you receive in the Foundation class that begin […]

This happened while I was doing my army service in Switzerland in the Alps. I am not allowed to talk about what we were doing but I’ll try to keep things clear. My company had installed a huge antenna and it had to be guarded by two soldiers day and night. We were on a […]

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