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No way, right? Famously, Casey Becker (played by Drew Barrymore) died at the hands of Ghostface in the cold open of the original Scream movie. Killing off the movie’s biggest star was an allusion to Hitchcock killing off the biggest star in Psycho halfway through the movie. The move shocks audiences and makes the entire […]

A pair of friends in southern Nevada hear strange noises outside the window one night. The next morning, they discover canine and human tracks. Was it a skinwalker? This recent encounter was forwarded to me: “I live in rural Southern Nevada. A buddy of mine and I encountered what we believe to be a skinwalker […]

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Miley Cyrus, an American singer-songwriter, claimed that she was chased down by an apparent UFO during a car ride with a friend in San Bernardino, […]

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These videos seem to depict 2 separate types of canine-like creatures. One supposedly was encountered somewhere in Brazil and the other in Argentina. I’m not going to say whether I believe that these are authentic or not. I’m just presenting ‘as is’ for you perusal. I collected a few screenshots in an attempt to see the […]

A hiker recalls her recent experience in the Seneca Creek/Spruce Knob, WV backcountry. She also details her brief experience with a Bigfoot near Davis, WV. I just found this recent incident report: “October 10-11, 2020: I was on a backpacking excursion with one other person; we were in the Seneca Creek/Spruce Knob backcountry in WV. […]

An Arkansas man encounters a wolf-like upright canine while driving on I-165 late at night. He was in the vicinity of Stuttgart. I recently the following account: “This is my encounter of what I believe to be a dogman. This happened in July. I was working at a very big factory in Stuttgart, Arkansas in […]

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