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Scientists around the world have noted that the Earth has been spinning on its axis faster lately—the fastest ever recorded. Several scientists have spoken to the press about the unusual phenomenon, with some pointing out that this past year saw some of the shortest days ever recorded. For most of the history of mankind, time has been […]

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This really fast unknown object was flying across the night sky above White Lake in Michigan. This happened on 6th January 2021. Witness report: I […]

This strange unidentified flying object was seen and recorded in the sky above Bend, a small city on the Deschutes River, in Oregon on 6th […]

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Hi everyone, I am looking for a great book about changing unconscious(subconscious) beliefs or limiting beliefs that are deep-rooted in us. I heard that "The work by Byron Katie" is good. Have anyone read this one or similar books? Can anyone suggest some? I have already read: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind The Genie […]

A shadow person mystery, a remarkable near death experience, great grandpa’s ghost and much more on this first Campfire of 2021! Enjoy! Click the play button or the icon of your favorite podcast app to listen NOW! -CALM- We’re so happy to partner with Calm. Calm is the app designed to help you ease stress […]

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A Fillmore, California resident hears bizarre sounds around their home for several days. They soon encounter an unknown humanoid, causing them to call the police. The following account was recently forwarded to me: “I live in the Fillmore area of California where there are hills, mountains, pine and redwood trees mixed with other forest trees, […]

Beware of Flying Saucer Cults by Dr. Raymond A. Keller, II, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the internationally acclaimed Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, WV:  Headline Books, 2015-2020), available on, while supplies last.  Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure […]

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