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As I’ve written in my book ‘Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality’ I believe that the alien ‘Grey’ races are actually evolved humans who are returning to us through a means of time travel. The following post describes another experiencer’s thoughts on this theory. In a recent article, Nadira Duran of California claims to have begun her […]

Why was it boarded up? “My dad’s cousin and her husband bought an old Victorian house about 15 years ago with plans to renovate it, restore it, and sell it. They’d been living in it for about a month when they were outside just staring and having that “I can’t believe what we got ourselves […]

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UFOs hovering in the sky above Rosarito, Mexico on 20th February 2021. Witness report: We took a video in our condo on the 9th floor […]

The final season of Mad Men aired in 2015, but some fans still have questions about how things ended up for certain characters. Megan Draper, in particular, didn’t get a very good ending to her run on the show. Don’s second ex-wife was a fan favorite when the two first got together, but through their […]

Aries You forget about your fears. You take a chance on this person even though they could hurt you. Taurus You forget about your exes. You start to heal from past heartbreaks because you’re in the process of moving on. Gemini You forget about your responsibilities. You can’t focus because your mind is always on […]

This is dedicated to men and women, who are over-giving in life. Stop over-giving and learn to receive. We all value giving. We like people who are giving and generous. We praise our friends and families when they give something to someone. Because it is altruistic at its core. Then what about receiving? Interestingly, we […]

2 friends are alone late at night at the property of one of their parents in Georgia, when they noticed a crawler humanoid on the security camera outside the building they were in. I recently came across the following account: “In May in 2020, my parents were on their annual trip to Florida with my […]

2 older bizarre encounters posted on social media, including an Asian vampire in Colorado and then a floating ‘box-head’ humanoid in Sweden. “I once had a strange encounter with a woman who claimed to be a Vampire. At first I thought she was on drugs but then she did something that made me wonder if […]

They’re here… and they’re taking over Europe! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the strangest, most infamous and most unexplained alien close encounters across […]

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