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Here’s one new video of an unknown lights hovering in the sky above Redwood in New York. This happened on 6th September 2020. Witness report: […]

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Your attachment style is formed when you’re a child. The bond your parents make with you, or lack of one, determines how you experience love in your adult life. My parents weren’t negligent, but anxiety has always run in my family. I remember my mother always being worried and easily upset, something I can’t look past was most likely passed down […]

A young man in Kerrville, Texas was walking the dog with his great aunt and uncle when they encountered an unknown canine with an extremely large head, moving in an unnatural manner. I recently received the following account: “Back in 2001, I was visiting my great-uncle in the region around Kerrville, Texas. At the time […]

Check out the replay of our 10th episode of our Paranormal Quiz series and play along! This show was originally broadcast on August 25, 2020. Subscribe to my YouTube channel at and make sure to hit the bell to be notified every time I go live! Original Post

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August 31, 2020 By Jim Harold This is are first installment of our video Campfire Story of the Week which is not quite weekly, yet…but that is the plan. This spine tingler is from the early days of the show. I think you’ll like it! CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL – PLEASE […]

Please understand that in my writings I am only targeting and attacking those that need to be targeted or attacked because of mistreatments and utter disregard for the true and sincere heling of people. The American people are agonized, ill, sick, diseased and exploited, hanging on the cross of despair and brainwashed into accepting the […]

1. You should put your mental health in front of your friendship. Unfortunately, most exes are unable to remain friends. There is too much history. Too much drama. Too much unresolved heartache. You don’t want to force yourself to take the high road and remain friends with an ex when it’s secretly killing you inside. […]

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