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PSA for all the Area 51 stormers, chemtrail believers and climate change deniers: Edward Snowden has searched the depths of the US intelligence networks and can report the conspiracy theories are not true. As a former employee of the CIA and contractor for the National Security Agency, Snowden had access to some of the nation’s […]

When astronaut Jim Lovell saw Earth outside his window during Apollo 8, the moment forever changed him. “People often say, ‘I hope to go to heaven when I die,’” Lovell previously told Business Insider. “In reality, if you think about it, you go to heaven when you’re born.” Lovell was referring to the humbling truth about our fragile […]

In 1859, the earth was hit by an invisible wave. Electrons swirled along with other magnetic storm particles and shot down the telegraph lines. When they hit an obstacle, such as the hand of a telegraph operator, they sent out a painful shock. Paper sheets hanging around the telegraph offices suddenly caught fire. Even after the batteries […]

It was a Saturday night around 9pm and no one was home. Everyone had gone out for dinner and I decided to stay home as I felt nauseous (8 months pregnant) and exhausted after having worked 10 hours. I was in my kitchen rummaging through the fridge for a light snack when someone knocked on […]

Actually, our planet is usually quite large: flights between the continents take half a day, cruises over oceans weeks. Compared to the expansion of the earth, we feel ourselves small. Often, however, the vast expanses beyond our atmosphere are forgotten – and especially how tiny our oasis of life is given the dimensions of the universe. […]

The earth is surrounded by a multi-part ring of high-energy particles and rays, the so-called Van Allen Belt. It arises because the Earth’s magnetic field captures particles of the solar wind and directs them into orbits around the Earth. Portions of this shell act like a plasma shield that prevents high-  energy particles from penetrating into deeper layers. Some time ago researchers discovered enigmatic patterns in […]

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover takes a lovely selfie, Europe’s BepiColombo Mercury mission has also been busy taking selfies and an astronaut also posed for a selfie during a historic spacewalk. These are just some of the top photos this week on   Astrophotography Student An astrophotography student stands before the Milky Way galaxy and […]

Mark Zuckerberg hosted his first ever Facebook Live Q&A today. And it went about as well as you’d expect. One of the key things we learned? Mark Zuckerberg is not a lizard person. Or so he says. The hour-long Q&A has been viewed by nearly 6 million people, and it even had a celebrity cameo in […]

NASA’S Hubble Space Telescope took this incredible picture of a galaxy that looks like a “gaping portal to another dimension”. ESA said: “In this image taken by Hubble Space Telescope, the galaxy NGC 4380 looks like a special effect straight out of a science fiction or fantasy film, swirling like a gaping portal to another […]

Have you ever woken up in the dark in an unfamiliar place and felt like something was wrong? That tinny adrenaline taste in your mouth, the taste of fear coursing through your body. In Warsaw, back in October 2016, I experienced this every night. I’d wake up in my hotel room to see someone standing […]

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