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Ancient Aliens – Aliens and the PresidentsHistory Channel, Season 15 Episode 1218th April 2020 Researchers link connection of UFO sightings and space alien with presidents […]

1. Welcome to Dumpville. Population you. 2. Please unblock me on Facebook. 3. To my one and only. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was married. 4. I removed these from nature so that you can watch them slowly die in your house. 5. I still don’t think I did anything wrong… but here’s […]

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Aries They play matchmaker. They try to set you up with their other friends because you’d make such a cute couple.  Taurus They refer to you as pal and point out how they picture you like a sister or brother.  Gemini They tell you about their hookups in detail because they would never guess you’d […]

Once every 53.5 days, NASA’s Juno probe screams over Jupiter’s cloud tops roughly 75 times as fast as a bullet. The spacecraft has used these high-speed flybys, called perijoves, to document the gas giant like never before since August 2016. It records the planet with radar systems, radiation detectors, magnetic and gravitational field recorders, and […]

A man encounters strangeness at Gettysburg, a young college student lives in a weird house that she later finds was the scene of a murder. This and much more creepiness on this edition of Campfire! Click Play Button OR Listen On Your Fave App By Clicking Its NameAPPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS – PANDORA MOBILE – iHEARTRADIO – STITCHER PLEASE SUPPORT OUR GREAT […]

For about four days, the radio waves would arrive at random. Then, for the next 12, nothing. Then, another four days of haphazard pulses. Followed by another 12 days of silence. The pattern—the well-defined swings from frenzy to stillness and back again—persisted like clockwork for more than a year. Dongzi Li, a doctoral student at […]

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