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A good relationship requires more than true love. It also requires effort, patience, respect, and communication. Although each relationship is different in their own way, they tend to follow the same path. Here are the stages of a healthy relationship that will lead to a happily ever after: 1. The Honeymoon Stage The first stage […]

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A grandfatherly ghost lets himself in, another Campfire story revolving around a mirror, The Hat Man, shadow figures and more creepiness on this 90+ minute Campfire! Click the play button or the icon of your favorite podcast app below to listen now! -AMAZON ALEXA- This episode is brought to you by Alexa and their Amazon […]

A couple hears strange mournful sounds outside a kitchen window at night. Deep tracks and other evidence are eventually found. Now the entire family wants to know what the creature is. The following account was forwarded to me by a reader in southeastern Minnesota. The reader told me that this was a local incident. But […]

I feel like I am 18 again. Wide-eyed and faced with too many big decisions. I am too young to decide how I want to live the rest of my life, but the world is telling me that I have to. I do not get accepted into my first dream school. Or my second. I […]

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A boy in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, had several sightings of an unknown canine that he refers to as ‘my werewolf.’ It’s an interesting series of encounters I plan to follow up on. I came across the following account recently: I grew up an only child in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. I used to sneak out of my […]

Extraterrestrial Encounters22 Aug. 2020 Aliens have been visiting the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Alien hunter Luis Elizondo and his skeptical assistant Chris […]

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Namaste is a word that most people have heard from their yoga teacher. They might even know the pose associated with the phrase. However, they probably don’t understand the true meaning of namaste or the deep religious significance that it holds in India and other parts of the world. Although the term has grown in […]

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