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An alien encounter experiencer describes their ordeal in stark detail, and later adding more thoughts as to what occurred and how their life progressed afterwards. The following is an ongoing narrative in which the experiencer details their encounters: “I do not remember what happened prior. All I remember was waking up “mid abduction.” Imagine that […]

A retired USAF special agent claimed that the Roswell Incident actually occurred, and that the occupants of the craft were initially taken to Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 1947 Roswell UFO crash incident is considered, by many, as one of the widely acknowledged incidents in the history of UFO research. Many […]

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Aries You come across as brutally honest, but you keep your deepest feelings to yourself. This can lead the people you date to assume you care about them much less than you actually do. Taurus You aren’t afraid of talking. You delve deep into your feelings. You never hold back your anger or your tears. […]

Pulsing red light followed by triangle with white lights filmed over Rochester, Washington on 22nd January 2021. Witness report: Driving south along school land road […]

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Dad’s creepy girlfriend “‘I like it when you’re here, not the other lady. She’s mean and she makes me sit in the closet.” This little girl was referring to her dad’s girlfriend. I told the dad about it and never saw the girlfriend around again.” — hydrangeasinbloom The official babysitter of the local swinger’s club […] submitted by /u/FrozenCheekSlayer [link] [comments]

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