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How possible is the Von Braun Rotating Space Station? Will you be planning a trip to an orbiting “space hotel” as early as 2025?  The Gateway Foundation, a private company developing this “space hotel,” thinks so. The organization plans to build what it describes on its website as “the first spaceport.” This spaceport, the Von […]

The big spaceship-rocket duo will use just $900,000 of fuel per launch. SAN FRANCISCO — Each flight of SpaceX’s big Mars-colonizing spacecraft will have a very small price tag, if all goes according to plan. The Starship system, which consists of a reusable 100-passenger spaceship stacked atop a huge reusable rocket known as Super Heavy, will […]

We’re having our 2nd Spooky Studio Holiday Ornament contest — entries can reflect any (or no) faith tradition. Last year was such a blast, we’re doing it again and giving you more time to work some holiday magic! A great submission from last year! I used to work for a radio station that did this […]

Dakota Laden and Tanner Wiseman of the hit Travel Channel series Destination Fear join us on part one of the show to talk about their creepy travels. In part two, we talk about The CIA-UFO Papers with author Dan Wright. You can find his book on the subject at Amazon: The CIA UFO Papers: 50 […]

2013 – Stamford, Texas – In 2013, at around 11:00 PM, a man was driving in his mid-size Toyota with his wife near Stamford, a very rural, forested area about 41 miles north of Abilene. As they drove, they claim they observed an object in the road. The wife initially thought it was tumbleweed. As […]

I received the following email on Thursday October 31, 2019: I was driving home north on Talcott Rd. at about 9:30 pm on the evening of Wednesday October 30th. As I was approaching the intersection with Boardwalk Place I saw something walk across the road. At first, I thought it was a deer as we […]

This happened back around 2015 or so when I was in college at Western Kentucky University. My roommate and I are both old country boys who were living in the city. We are both big outdoors men and would rather be in the woods then anywhere else. I grew up in Boy Scouts so I […]

For the past week, our investigative groups (‘Chicago Phantom Task Force’ & ‘Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research’) have been examining a report that was first forwarded to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse. Because of the extreme nature of this incident, there are still many questions remaining and we are determined to find answers. The following […]

The Army is looking for “military utility” in mysterious metals obtained by DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy. The US Army has explained more about why it partnered with former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge’s UFO research organization to study exotic materials. The Army described it as a “low risk” partnership that is of “significant interest” to […]

In late July, Motherboard reported that former Blink 182 guitarist Tom DeLonge’s UFO research company To the Stars was in possession of exotic metamaterials that, according to the company, were from an unidentified flying object. According to To the Stars’s September filings with the Securities Exchange Commission, it turns out those little bits of metal cost the company […]

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