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I'm a 30 year old male with 7.5 years of experience working in the middle office in the financial services industry. I initially started in finance with hopes of breaking into Investment Banking, that never happened, and I've been stuck in these middle office roles since. My hard skills are not transferrable. This type of […]

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A West Virginia woman believes that she had encountered 2 ‘werewolves’ near her property along WV-5 and the Little Kanawha River. Very harrowing incident! I recently received the following account: “One night I was out along the road that goes past my house. We are pretty rural area here, (along WV-5 which parallels the Little […]

A strange series of event in Davenport, Iowa along the Mississippi River, where witnesses describe a ‘tentacled’ entity emerging from the water. They dubbed it ‘The Davenport Demon.’ Here’s a strange account that was forwarded to me by a reader: “It was the year 1964 in Davenport, Iowa. A decent-sized city, it lay on the […]

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For many, 2020 is the most unusual year in living memory, and it seems that we’ve seen and been through a lot of strange things. […]

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Hi Insta Friend, Just wanted to tell you about a new episode I did with Preston Dennett who joined me on my Plus Club EXCLUSIVE show, UFO Encounters. Preston talked about a series of incredible UFO encounters at drive in movie theaters throughout North America. I love this research because of its uniqueness and the fact […]

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