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Aries: Your ingenuity Aries can often be seen as a constant ball of energy–you’re always doing something. Your ingenuity is awe-inspiring. You are always ready to take the lead and dive headfirst into a new idea or solution, and you’re willing to take risks that others shy away from. You don’t get enough credit for […]

Get Unrealistic – Dharesh’s Newsletter ( Hey there!! Please check out my latest newsletter on getting unrealistic. Dreamlining is one of the best ways to get unrealistic. It is the systematic process of outlining your ideal lifestyle and making a plan to realize your dreams. Here, we also go through the different ways to come […]

A Queensland, Australia woman relates her many sightings and encounters, since she was a child, with what she believes to be a crawler humanoid. Is it following her? I recently came across the following account: “I don’t sleep with curtains open because of Crawlers. I’m a grown woman and I still can’t sleep at night […]

The year was 1973. I was getting ready to start my sophomore year in high school. It was a tumultuous and cynical time filled with news of Watergate, the Vietnam War and many other historical events. People were sick of reading about crooked politicians and continued war. UFO sightings were on the increase culminating in […]

Guest, Ex-Pentagon official Luis (Lue) Elizondo to discuss what it was like as a former intelligence officer with the Department of Defense and the director […]

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Hey folks…my modem deep-sixed on me today. Waiting for Comcast to come out and replace. Lon Original Post

THESE spooky black and white photos allegedly show the UFO at the centre of Britain’s biggest ever case for the first time. They were supposedly taken in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk by a poacher who claims he saw the same UFO being hunted by a military team from a nearby US airbase. A new ‘witness’ […]

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