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The self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott C Waring said that Martians are having a field day in the year 2020 as humans on Earth are fighting […]

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CHINA’S communist regime is claiming the rest of the world are “shirking responsibility” for the coronavirus pandemic amid fresh accusations of a mass cover-up.  Chinese officials made the comments after it was accused of blocking international attempts to find the truth about the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest […]

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You all must have heard the mystery of Le Pain Maudit. It is the French which was for the cursed bread. They haunted the native people of Pont-Saint Espirit for almost 50 years. And after that, they finally found the truth behind all the haunting mysteries which was very shocking for them. In 1951, a very quiet […]

The clandestine US government research facility in Netflix’s hit drama is based on more than conspiracy theorists’ musings … what did it actually do?  What is going on in the mysterious world of MKUltra? Photograph: PF1/ Spoiler alert: this article discusses the plot of season one of Stranger Things. With its blend of 1980s nostalgia, pesky […]

Triangular UFO was spotted again in Texas for the third time after one sighting on New Year’s Day and another last February. The latest triangular-shaped […]

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