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You are here: Home / Latest and Greatest / The Call of Mt Kilimanjaro with Jeff Belanger – Paranormal Podcast 680 April 6, 2021 By Jim Harold Usually he is writing about paranormal legends. On this episode, Jeff Belanger talks to us about the spiritual journey of a lifetime. The harrowing account of scaling Mt. […]

Imagine if this sub became a go-to hub for men who want to better themselves. Men who want to share and seek knowledge with/from like-minded peers. Instead, we have a sub where people just post links to their own YouTube videos. Am I the only one here with this opinion? If so, I'm not sure […]

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The late night angry roar and damaged screen door generated by a cryptid beast disturbs a rural family in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. Without saying, they knew what it was.  The following account was in response to an earlier post: “This incident occurred during the summer of 1983 as I was about to begin my senior […]

2 Navajo sisters in rural Arizona both observed a flying humanoid near their home. The being had tentacles and flew through the air like it was moving in water. The following account was recently posted on a social thread: “My sister and I saw the same humanoid a few moths apart. First sighting July 2019: […]

The hunt for the man who murdered two teen girls, 13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German, in 2017 is still going on every day. Previously, police released audio and video recordings of the suspect taken by Libby German from her phone as they became uncomfortable with the man seen in the video: This is […]

This UFO was filmed back in 2017 but it was submitted to MUFON’s website today. It happened over Houston, Texas. Witness report: One Night, On […]

In Reddit’s infamous r/LetsNotMeet community, anonymous people on the internet share the true stories about their run-ins with creepy real life people. There’s something unsettling about the fact that all these scary stories (and the stories are scary) come from flesh and blood people. There’s no aliens or demons or boogeymen, just people that you […]

3 different encounters with humanoid / upright cryptids in Arizona, Florida and Delaware. A primate-like Reptilian, a morphing deer-man and a small Skunk Ape. Here are 3 never published encounter accounts on my old database: “About seven years ago in Sierra Vista, a little city in Arizona about 15 minutes from the Mexican border. Misfortune […]

A teen girl is hounded by a malevolent energy in the Texas apartment shared by her and her mother. A native neighbor and uncle were able to ‘bind’ the offending entity eventually. Interesting account. The following account was forwarded to me: ‘When I was around 13 or so, my mom and I lived in an […]

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