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Aries American Ninja Warrior. You’re adventurous and up for anything. You might not make it through the course, but you’d have a fun time trying. Taurus Nailed It. You enjoy baking — but aren’t the best at it. You don’t mind making a mess. Gemini The Circle. You’re a skilled liar and could easily make […]

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Lord Louis Mountbatten’s official report about a bizarre encounter with a spacecraft on his estate has sparked British royal Prince Philip’s long-running obsession with UFOs […]

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A listener tells a terrifying story of a camping experience that could have turned out very badly except for some supernatural help.  Much more spookiness in this 90+ minute all-new Campfire. Click the play button or the icon of your favorite podcast app to listen NOW! -BABBEL- Babbel is the language learning method designed to […]

Trigger warning: Sexual assault In a private Christian school, you do not get sex ed. You get a chapel where the speaker holds up a stick of gum and asks, Who wants it? Everyone does, of course. Gum is an illegal substance and a prized black-market currency. The speaker chews the gum, spits it into […]

Hey folks…I was thinking tonight, yes, I ask the readers and listeners to donate to Phantoms and Monsters, as well as my other work. And I appreciate every consideration I have received. But, are you really receiving what you want? In other words, what improvements can I provide to make my efforts worthy of your […]

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These two bright UFOs were filmed in the sky above New Hartford, New York on 2nd December 2020. Witness report: At first there was 1 […]

A couple in West Grand Lake, Maine recall a possible black upright canine seen on 2 occasions by the husband. Then later, he experiences a black shadowy figure.  I recently came across the following account: “This occurred in September 2016, while visiting at West Grand Lake, Maine. I had been playing with the dogs outside […]

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