Are You A Stereotype Or Are You Different?

Written by on November 17, 2019

What kind of future would you like to see? Do you want the future to be what it currently is or do you want it to be something different? How do you create something different? By choosing different possibilities.

What is actually possible that you haven’t considered? What if nothing was perfect and everything was just a choice?

Beyond the stereotypes with bodies

As we get older, it’s expected for us to get weaker and not have the ability to do what we were once able to do, and people expect us to become less competent.

Going beyond the stereotype with bodies is about asking what is actually going on, not what you think is true. What you think is true is usually what you bought from somebody else.

You will end up creating whatever it is you think is true. Your point of view creates your reality. Going beyond the stereotype is about living from your choices, creating your future, and asking for what you would like to show up in your life, in the world, and on the planet.

‘Yes No’ tool

The ‘Yes No’ tool is simple. It’s just about asking a question of the universe and getting a yes or no.

But this tool isn’t the easiest to learn, because it requires you to go beyond stereotypes, beyond judgment, beyond your limitations, and your conclusions.

The answer is not based on what you’ve decided will be the right one. Almost everyone is looking for the ‘right’ answer. And we’ve been taught about getting it ‘right’ since we were small children. But when we function from judgment, what’s right or wrong, we cannot choose. And when we cannot choose, we are not creating.


One of the most important aspects of not living as a stereotype is being an allowance.

Be an allowance of: a) you can make mistakes, b) no mistake lasts longer than 10 seconds, c) you didn’t really make a mistake, you just chose not the best choice, and d) what can you actually choose that would change this?

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