Alien contact COVER-UP? Mysterious ‘triangular aircraft’ spotted hovering ABOVE Pentagon

Written by on June 29, 2019

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A MYSTERIOUS ‘aircraft’ has been spotted by multiple witnesses hovering above the Pentagon, triggering a frenzy of conspiracy theories trying to explain the “huge floating pyramid”.

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A bizarre pyramid-shaped object has been spotted and filmed by multiple witnesses as the UFO floated above the Pentagon this week.

Online viewers of videos questioned whether the sighting over the infamous military installation was evidence of a government cover-up of contact with aliens.

Others suggested that the triangular object was proof of a top-secret “holographic” US military experiment.

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In the eerie videos, a giant black triangle  can be seen looming above the US Department of Defence.

The shocking footage was filmed by both Alex Dude and David Wilson on Wednesday.

The two clips were later shared by YouTube conspirators Blake and Brett Cousins on their channel thirdphaseofmoon.

They argued that the videos were proof that an alien invasion could be imminent.

The fact that there was more than one witness to the event was used as evidence by the Cousins that “something is going on”.

A bizarre pyramid-shaped object has been spotted and filmed by multiple witnesses (Image: IG)

Blake remarked: “A pyramid – maybe the size of Giza itself – is just hovering there, lighter than air.

“Is this some kind of invasion?

“There’s something going on.”

In one of the clips, the object suddenly disappears, leaving the cameraman to yell: “Where is it? It’s gone. I can’t see it”.

Several viewers were convinced that the mysterious triangle had alien origins.

One person wrote: “The darker face of the pyramid is darker than the background sky – you cannot project a shadow, this suggests it is a real object.”

Some conspiracy theorists claimed the object could actually be a secretive military vessel developed by the United States Air Force.

The Cousins refuted sceptic claims that the pyramid was simply a reflection from the car window or a civilian aircraft.

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