A fresco from Visoki Dečani which confused the scientists around the world

Written by on April 18, 2020

The foothill of a high mountain massive Prokletije, has been keeping safe the Serbian sanctity whose existence is connected to the inexplicable miracle, and whose walls own the frescoes of a priceless value. The beauty and uniqueness of fresco art in Visoki Dečani have made people talk about Serbia as a country which keeps strong evidences about the existence of aliens, and made this monastery the world known place.

Southwestern from Peć, in Kosovo and Metohija, in the long gone 1327, a construction of the endowment of the King Stefan Dečanski and Dušan the Mighty had begun. Frescoes from the monastery which is among the five Serbian monuments on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, have always represented the masterfully works, and today, the best kept icons in Serbia. Still, one of them has singled out and became a subject of numerous science researches and discussions.

The most famous domestic and foreign media has dedicated their articles to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Enormous interest and curiosity have woken up the second when the unusual objects were spotted on it. A large number of scientists around the world have attributed the extramundane features to the a bit unusual look of these objects, claiming that they represent an indisputable proof of the once aliens’ visit to the Earth.

Visoki Dečani Monastery is famous for the bones which are kept inside it. Here is the rot-proof body of Stefan Dečanski, a rot-proof hand of St. Nikita Gotski from the 4th century, as well as the jaw which belonged to the St. Gregory Niski.

While some scientists compare the strange objects left and right from Jesus’s head with the spaceships in which aliens used to travel, a majority of domestic experts agree that it is about the heavenly bodies.

Serbian historians explain the art as a wish of a former artists to show the Sun and the Moon suffer because of the crucifixion of Jesus, in an unusual way, indeed.

Exactly that extraordinary way of presenting the heavenly bodies has spawned numerous conspiracy theories which have brought the Serbian monastery into connection with the creatures from outer space.

From the one that Visoki Dečani are known as a place where proofs of aliens’ existence were found, to the spaceships drawn on the frescoes, and lastly, putting it into the wonders of the world.

Still, there is no solid evidence to the claims of Serbian and global experts. The only one who had ever known the truth is the unknown author who had completed the Crucifixion of Jesus in bygone 1350, leaving the mystery on the walls of Visoki Dečani.

What do you think is on the Crucifixion of Jesus? Heavenly bodies or aliens?

Source www.serbia.com

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