5 Ways to Honor the Earth on Earth Day

Written by on June 20, 2019

Our Earth is a sacred space of ever-renewing life. It provides us with all that we need for an abundant life. As our home and the source of our water, food, and shelter, we must honor the Earth in our daily lives.

On April 22nd we celebrate our world with Earth Day. It’s a day when our countries come together as one to honor our planet, our home. It’s a reminder for all of us that we are all connected and walk the same planet together, so we must preserve, protect and honor our environment in a variety of earth-friendly ways.

Earth Day is a beautiful time for us to become more consciously aware that we are a part of something larger. By reconnecting to our roots using crystals, we can strengthen our relationship with the world, both physically and energetically. Crystals are derived from the Earth and are a physical representation of this magnificent mass we inhabit. By connecting with crystals, we deepen our connection to nature and express our appreciation for all that our planet has to offer.

Here are five simple ways you can honor the Earth on this special day, no matter where you live on this planet:

  1. Get grounded and connect with Mother Earth. Take off your shoes and plant your bare feet on the dirt, grass, sand, or any other surface of the planet you can find. With your feet on the Earth, hold your favorite crystal in your dominant hand and say aloud, “I respect Mother Earth.”
  2. Set an intention for Mother Earth. Pick a crystal that you are ready to release back into the Earth. Go outside into nature and close your eyes. While holding you crystal in your hands, set an intention, prayer, or eco-related vow for the Earth. Then bury your crystal in the ground as a way to give back.
  3. Make a commitment to Mother Earth. Select a crystal that you haven’t worked with before. This crystal represents an actionable commitment to Mother Earth, such as lessening your carbon footprint or any other environmental impact you want to make. Every time you see your crystal, remember your commitment to Earth.
  4. Meditate. Use your favorite crystal sphere (to represent Earth) and say a prayer or set an intention. Repeat this meditation whenever you want to connect with the Earth.
  5. Create a community. Place a crystal cluster or group of crystals in your living room. These crystals symbolize a community that shares your vision and passion for celebrating and respecting Mother Earth. Ask yourself, how can I give back? Connect with those around you to foster a community that is centered around giving back.

Although Earth Day is only just one official day, you can use these five ways to connect with Earth and your crystals any day you want. 

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